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The following are our best resources for in-depth research on local residents, past or present. Start your research by checking the catalogs in our Reading Room for newspaper clippings, photographs, or family papers. Finally, check with a reference librarian to see which of the resources in this overview below can help you further.

Annuals | Birth Records | Cemetery Records | Census Records | City Tax Records
Death Records | Indexes | Marriage Records | Travis County Records

Annuals and Directories
Austin city directories
1872 to present.
Austin Independent School District staff directories
1959/60 - 1971/72, 1981/82, 1984/85 - 1991/92, 1997/98, 1998/99.
Austin telephone directories
1905, 1907, 1908, 1912, 1922 to present.
The Cactus
The student annual of the University of Texas at Austin. 1894-1986.
Cole's Criss Cross Reference directories
1957 to present.
High school and junior high school annuals
Annuals from many schools in Austin and Travis County.
Travis County directories
1894-95 and 1898-99.
Various organizations' directories
Membership directories from local groups such as the Rotary Club, Masonic Lodges, Austin Woman's Club, the Standard Club.
Birth records
Early Texas Birth Records, 1838-1878. (2 vols.)
[A 929.3 Gr]
Cemetery Records
Assumption Cemetery Listing
[A 929.5 As]
Listing of markers. Compiled in 1999.
Austin State Hospital Cemetery Record
[A 929.5 Au]
Alphabetical list of those buried in this cemetery. Data includes name, race, county of origin, admission date, date of death, and plot number. Separate list by plot number.
Austin Memorial Park Cemetery
[A 929.5 Sa]
Indexed by last name. List of burials taken from cemetery books at AMP and the grave stones. Compiled by Robert Sage. 2004.
Cemeteries of West Travis County
[A 929.376431Ha]
List of gravestones in 37 small cemeteries in far western Travis Co. Compiled in 1977.
Cemeteries of the Western Hill Country of Travis County, Texas
[A 929.376431 Pe]
Tombstone inscriptions for 31 cemeteries. Includes name index. Compiled in 1991.
Cemetery Records Online from
Assumption Cemetery
Oliver Cemetery
City of Austin Cemetery System Interment Report Microfiche
Biannual updates of Interment Reports of city cemeteries. Dates of interment from 1800's to present. Alphabetical by name of deceased. Cemeteries included: Oakwood, Oakwood Annex, Mt. Calvary, Memorial Park, Evergreen, Travis Country International, Highland Park, Jewish Memorial, and Plummers.
City Cemetery Divison Records, 1859-1999
Ledgers record burials for the city cemeteries. Recorded are names, ages, sex, race, nativity, cause of death, attending physician, where buried, by whom buried. Completeness of data varies from ledger to ledger and entry to entry.
Davis Cemetery, Travis County
[A 929.5 Da]
Tombstone listing compiled in 2001. Also includes history of cemetery, photographs of cemetery, articles about cemetery, and some obituaries and biographies of those buried there.
Documentation of the Historic Fiskville Cemetery
[A 929.5 Do]
Tombstone listing by Russell Yeager and Boy Scout Troop 454. Compiled in 1999.
Evergreen Cemetery
[A 929.5 Sa]
Indexed. List of burials taken from city records and grave stones. Compiled by Robert Sage.
1993 Survey of Manor, Texas Cemetery
[A 976.431 Do]
List of markers by Evelyn S. Donnell.
Oakwood Cemetery Austin, Texas: Register of Gravestones
[A 976.431 TI]
This register of gravestones was produced by Robert Tieman and was published in 2006. It represents the results of a 2 year onsite survey of gravestones that was part of the Austin Genealogical Society's Cemetery Survey Project.
Park Springs Cemetery [A 976.5 Pa]
Record of markers, compiled during 1994-95.
Russell Collection of Cemetery Data from the Tombstones in Travis County, Texas
[A 352.72 Ru]
Tombstone inscriptions for 24 very small cemeteries, including 6 cemeteries in Blanco Co. Includes name index. Compiled in 1964-65.
Texas State Cemetary List
[A 929.3 St]
Texas State Cemetery
[A 929.3 Te]
Beside listing of burials also gives some biographical information on some of the people buried.
Tombstone Transcription Project for Travis County
Tombstone listings for numerous cemeteries in Travis County.
Travis County Cemeteries: Travis County 19th Century Pioneers
[A 929.3764 Tr]
List of interments for people born in 19th Century and buried in selected Travis Co. cemeteries. Includes name index. Compiled in 1986.
Webberville and the Manor Cemetery
[A 976.431 We]
Besides a list of those buried in these two cemeteries there is a great deal of information on these two communities and its residents. Compiled by Banks McLaurin, Jr. 1995
Williamson Creek Cemetery, 700 Block Little Texas Lane, Austin Texas 78745

[A 363.7509764 Fl]
Inventory conducted by Dale L. Flatt from 8/23/200? to 9/21/2001. Accompanied by CD-ROM with text and 456 photos taken at the cemetery.
Census Records
The First Census of Texas, 1820-1836: To which are added Texas Citizenship Lists, 1821-1843 and other Early Records of the Republic of Texas.
1840 Census of the Republic of Texas
Republic of Texas Poll Lists for 1846
The State of Texas Federal Population Schedules; Seventh Census of the United States

Population Schedules (Slave Schedule), Travis County; Seventh Census of the United States
The Five Schedules of the 1860 Federal Census, Travis County, Texas
Five schedules are slave, population, mortality, agriculture, and industry.
Population Schedules: Texas, Travis County; Ninth Census of the United States
Schedule of Inhabitants, City of Austin, County of Travis, State of Texas, 1875
Population Schedules: Texas, Travis County; Tenth Census of the United States
1890 Travis County, Texas Census: Uniquely Reconstructed and Annotated
12th Census of Population, 1900: Texas, Vol. 102: Travis County
No index.
13th Census of Population, 1910
No index.
14th Census of Population: Texas
No index.
15th Census of Population: Texas
No index.
City Tax Records
Tax rolls, 1840 - 1943
Alphabetical by name. Real property taxes listed. Earlier roll show tax for personal property, also.
Death Records
Alexander Eanes' records
City Sexton's record of death for October 1859 - May 1866.
Bartholomew Diary
[A 818 BaD]
An account of daily events in Austin for the period 1853-1923. Deaths of locals are included. Accompanying name index.
Brackenridge Hospital death records
[AR.W.012 Box7]
1924-1939, 1947-1948, 1952-1958. Deaths logged by date. No name index.
Obituaries of Travis County, 1900-1940: As Found in Travis County Scrapbook in Barker Library, Austin, Texas
[A 929.376431 OB]
Transcriptions of obituaries compiled by members of the Balcones Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.
Online Texas Death Records and Indexes
Links to death records for the entire state and several counties, including Travis County.
Travis County inquest records
Justices of the Peace records. Dates vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and range from 1887 to 1977. Inquest was conducted if circumstances of a person's death were mysterious or if a doctor was not in attendance. A list of available records is in the Travis County Records Finding Aid in the Austin History Center Reading Room.
Travis County probate minutes
1840-1852 and 1894-1918. Microfilm
Travis County Probate Record
1840-1896, Microfilm
Travis County Index to Probate Minutes
1870-1926, Microfilm
Travis County probate Index
1840-1852 and 1840-1870. Microfilm
Collecting Dead relatives
[A 929.10207 Ga]
Cindi's List:a Comprehensive list of 40,000 Genealogy Sites on the Internet
[A 929.10285 Ho]
Further Underttakings for a Dead Relative Collector
[A 929.10207 Ga]
Genealogical Records in Texas
[A 929.10720764 Ke]
The Source: a Guide Book of American Genealogy
[A 929.1072073 So]
You Can Find Anyone: A Complete Guide of How to Locate Missing Persons
[A 363.2336 Fe]
You, Too, Can Find Anybody
[A 362.8 Cu]
Directory of Genealogical and Historical Societies, Libraries, and Periodicals on CD-ROM
[A CD-ROM 929.1025 Di]
Austin American -Statesman
1871 - 1883 Paper index.
1884 Subject headings and headlines for local stories are computer searchable at the Austin History Center.
1885 - 1955 No index.
1956 - 1981 Paper index.
1981 - 1992 Subject headings and headlines for local stories are computer searchable at the Austin History Center.
1989 - present Full-text searchable online at Full-text articles can be accessed free of charge at the AHC and all branches of the Austin Public Library.
Austin Genealogical Society Quarterly
November 1960 - present. Name index. Includes lists of Travis County cemeteries, baptisms and burials of St. David's Episcopal Church (late 1800s), and some Travis County marriage records.
Biographical Gazetteer of Texas
[A 929.3764 Bi AP]
A finding aid for information about prominent individuals. Provides the name, a birth or death date, and the title and page number of the publications where the biographical sketch can be found.
1840 Citizens of Texas [A 929.3764 Wh]
Names gathered from land grants and tax rolls. 3 vols.
Index to Applications for Texas Confederate Pensions [A 929.3764 Ki]
Access remotely at

Marriage Records

Annuals of Travis County and the City of Austin from the Early Times to the Close of 1875
In the years 1850 through 1875 many local marriages were recorded in these annals of Frank Brown. Marriages logged by year. No name index.
Bartholomew Diary
[A 818 BaD]
An account of daily events in Austin for the period 1853-1923. Marriages of locals are included. Accompanying name index.
Annals of Travis County and of the City of Austin from the Earliest Times to the Close of 1875
In the years from 1850 through 1875 many local marriages were recorded by Frank Brown in these annals. Marriages are logged by date. No index.
Travis County Marriage Records, 1833-1902
[A 976.431 Go]
Travis County, Texas Marriage Records, 1840-1882 Microfilm
[A 929.3 PR]
Travis County Marriage Records, 1840-1939 Microfilm
Travis County Index to Marriage Records, 1840-1939 Microfilm

Travis County Records

Some Early Travis County, Texas, Records
[A929.376431 Su]
Records of the Texas General Land Office
Travis County Central Appraisal District Records, 1983 - 1996
Travis County Civil Minutes, 1876-1894 Microfilm
Travis County Index to County Court Civil Minutes Microfilm
Travis County Criminal Minutes, 1876 - 1886 Microfilm
Travis County Deed Record, 1837-1882 Microfilm
Travis County Deeds, 1882-1886 Microfilm
Travis County Direct Index to Deeds, 1842-1893 Microfilm
Travis County Reverse Index to Deeds, 1842-1893 Microfilm
Travis County Transcript of Deed Record, 1837-1849 Microfilm
Travis County, County Clerk Naturalization Record, 1892-1907 Microfilm
Travis County, Declaration of Intentions (Naturalizations). 1884-1906 Microfilm
Index to Naturalizations, 1840-1906 Microfilm
Travis County School Census Rolls, 1913-1970
Travis County Tax Rolls, 1840-1910 Microfilm


Travis County Historical Commission Presents Our Cultural History
[A 929.2097643 TR]
Brief personal and family essays presented by elementary school students from various schools in Travis County.