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Austin Treasures: Online Exhibits from the Austin History Center

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View of the Capitol

Exhibit Overview

The current capitol, built in 1888, is the fourth building in Austin to house the offices of the Texas government. It is a story of an engineering and construction feat to equal few others of its time, of financial and political maneuvering, of struggle and compromise, and of people who planned and worked for its completion.

We invite you to enjoy "Capitol Views," an exhibit originally created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the capitol in 1988. The exhibit depicts the history that led up to the need for a new capitol building, the construction, the celebration of the completion, and the building as a place of work and decision making.

The citizens of Austin point with pride to the Texas Capitol building, but it belongs to all people of Texas. It is a symbol of our state's glorious history, a landmark which all Texans hold dear to their hearts.

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