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Information in all formats relating to the Edwards Aquifer is collected on an ongoing basis and archived as part of the Edwards Aquifer Collection at the Austin History Center. The focus of the collection is on the Barton Springs segment of the Edwards Aquifer, although references concerning the Northern or Southern (San Antonio) segments have been included if they contain methods or insights that might be useful to those studying the Barton Springs segment. Items are cataloged and can be located in the Austin Public Library online catalog using "Edwards Aquifer Collection" as a search term.

The types of information that are collected include:

  • Documents related to the Edwards Aquifer and to Barton Springs produced by the Drainage Utility Department, the Parks and Recreation Department and various other City departments.
  • Water quality ordinances applied by the various governmental jurisdictions within the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer Zone.
  • Reference texts which help to interpret or foster a greater understanding of collection materials.
  • Technical reports and studies produced in journals or in report formats.
  • Theses and dissertations.
  • Field guide materials.
  • Topographic and theme maps depicting land use, watersheds, recharge zones, and related information.
  • Testimony provided by citizens and experts concerning the Edwards Aquifer.
  • Videos and aerial photographs.

Links to Edwards Aquifer information sites: