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About the Austin History Center

The Austin History Center could never survive without the hard work and dedication of the members of our community. To volunteer your time, efforts, documents or insights, please don't hesitate to call or write us. We're looking forward to hearing from you.

We are also very appreciative of those who volunteer their time and talents to the Austin History Center. For those who choose to contribute to the community by being one of our volunteers, we offer a variety of volunteer positions. Our volunteers do preservation photocopying, data entry, phase box construction, map encapsulation, processing materials to add to the Austin Files, to name just a few tasks. We will work with you to find a volunteer position that would suit your interests and talents. To volunteer, please visit the Austin Public Library's Volunteer Program page

The Austin History Center Association, Inc.
The Association provides a means for friends in the community to support the work of the Austin History Center through restoration, education, and preservation projects. Founded in 1981, this citizen support group led the fund drive for the restoration and renovation of the Old Central Library building, which opened its door as the Austin History Center in 1983. The Association also was instrumental in raising funds for the Center's Photographic Laboratory. In addition to fund-raising projects, the Association provides volunteers to assist the staff in research and processing activities and presents lectures, receptions, and other public programs. Members are invited to special events and exhibitions at the Austin History Center.

For more information call (512) 974-7499, or visit the Austin History Center Association on the World Wide Web.