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Austin History Center
Additional Guidelines for Meeting Room Reservations

Please anticipate and reserve time to set up and break down for your meeting.

Additional chairs are available upon request at the time you book the meeting room. Please notify us if you intend to bring in additional furniture or equipment. The Austin History Center has no audio-visual equipment or writing boards. The Reception Room has a piano available for use. The piano key is available upon request at the Austin History Center Reading Room desk.

The Austin History Center is an historical building with historical furnishings which require special care:

  • Protective mats or tablecloths must be used on tables when refreshments are being served.
  • All trash generated by your group must be removed from the premises at the end of your meeting.
  • Do not post notices in the building without advance approval of the Administrator.
  • Items may not be taped to the walls, drapes or woodwork.
  • All furniture - chairs, tables, etc. - must be kept at least three (3) feet from the fireplace.
  • Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

The Austin History Center has minimal kitchen facilities available, including a microwave oven which is suitable for reheating food, but is not suitable for the preparation of food.

Monthly meeting room users: Please keep the Austin History Center updated about any name, address and phone number changes for your contact person.

If you have any questions regarding these additional guidelines, please call (512) 974-7400.

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