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The collections of the Austin History Center contain valuable material about Austin's Mexican American communities that is useful to researchers coming to the Center to locate information about people, places, events, and the history of the Mexican and Mexican-American communities in Travis County and Austin, Texas.

The Austin History Center is launching a new project: "Mexican American Firsts: Trailblazers of Austin and Travis County Exhibit Project" celebrating Mexican Americans from Austin/Travis County. See the Project page for more information.

The 78-page Mexican American bibliography created by Irene Gonzales in 2004 updates the 1977 edition and reflects the addition of many materials to the Austin History Center based on the recommendations and donations of many generous individuals and support groups.

PICB 19452, Austin History Center. Eustasio Cepeda, 1897-1972.The bibliography is arranged first by collection unit of the Austin History Center. Within each collection unit, items are then arranged in shelf-list order.

Researchers also find the card catalog invaluable to their research. The Austin History Center's card catalog supplements the online computer catalog by providing analytical entries to information in periodicals and other materials in addition to listing collection holdings by author, title, and subject. These entries, although indexing ended in the 1990s, lead to specific articles and other information in History Center resources that would otherwise be time-consuming to find and could be easily overlooked.

PICA 25922, Austin History Center. Sisters of the Holy Cross Parochial School Of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, 1112 E. 9th Street.Significant gaps in the collection remain and continued work to fill the gaps is needed. In order to assist in building the collections, the final section of the bibliography lists "Under-documented Areas of Interest." This detailed listing of topics and people about which additional material is still needed at the History Center is intended to alert the public to these specific needs in the collection as well as inspire donations of materials.

Take a look at the Voces Latinas Exhibit.

Download the PDF version of the Mexican American Bibliography. Go to Adobe's download site for more information on Acrobat Reader and the PDF format.