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Exhibit Overview
Serving Our Country Doing Our Part
For the Duration
Military Installations
Photograph of store display window filled with many framed portraits of local U.S. Servicemen
Home Away From Home
Serving Our Country
Elnora Douglass
Victory at Long Last
World War I veteran Joe Dacy started with 10 photographs of World War II soldiers in his Congress Avenue shoe store window in 1942, but the display soon took over his entire storefront as more and more Austinites brought photos of their loved ones serving in the War. By the time the exhibit was dismantled, a total of 576 photos had been assembled.
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"Best picture show in town, a lot of Austin people will tell you, is in the windows of the Dacy shoe store, 610 Congress Avenue. There the photos of more than 300 Austin youth in the armed services are on display. Spectators crowd around the windows, often three deep, to spot the boys they know."
The American Statesman, May 24, 1942
Newspaper article about the Grumbles family titled Among those Austin High school students who joined the service were the five sons of Mrs. Imogene Grumbles. Various articles in the local newspaper followed the brothers' military careers.
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Certificate of service for Jesse Willie Johnson An elaborate certificate commemorating the military service of Jesse Willie Johnson carried the admonition to "Remember Pearl Harbor." According to local newspaper accounts of December 8, 1941, "recruiting offices were jammed full of men" as young Austinites reacted to the news of Japan's attack on the United States in the Pacific.
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Photograph of three uniformed service men in recruiting office The local U.S. Navy Recruiting Station was located in the Old Federal Building on West Sixth Street. Known as the O. Henry Hall today, the building is part of the University of Texas System.
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Ad saying Vote for Oswald Wolf Austin City Councilman Oswald Wolf maintained his council seat while serving with the U.S. Navy in the Pacific arena. Ads such as this one, appearing in the local newspaper on March 22, 1943, helped carry out a successful re-election campaign.
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"An American-Statesman employee…recalls the nightly visits of Mayor Tom Miller to the newspaper building, then at Colorado and Seventh streets. The Millers' son had been taken prisoner by the Germans, and Mrs. Miller would send her husband to scan the latest war news for any indication of their son's status. Sleep reportedly would not come to them until he completed his assignment and returned home."
John Edward Weems, Austin, 1839-1939
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