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East 1st Street
1933 Photograph of East 1st Street in 1933
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Looking west down a quaint and tree-lined portion of East 1st Street (exact location unknown).
1940 Photograph of streetcar track removal
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Streetcar track removal is in progress as workers load uprooted rail onto trucks, leaving behind a trail of brick rubble. The tracks were removed from most city streets in the summer of 1940, shortly after the streetcar system was replaced by a more "modern" system of buses.
1940 Photograph of East 1st Street after streetcar track removal and paving
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View of the newly paved "track-free" street looking west from San Marcos Street, two blocks east of IH-35.
1998 Photograph of East 1st Street in 1998
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Looking west on East 1st Street from Chalmers Street. In 1993 1st Street was renamed César Chávez Street to honor the union organizer and Hispanic rights activist who died in April of that year.
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