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6th Street
1866 Photograph of 6th Street in 1866
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Looking east along Pecan Street, as it was previously called, just west of the Brazos Street intersection. Pecan Street began as the main thoroughfare into town (a nice flat trail) for the farmland communities to the east, and soon became a major commerce district. By the 1860s, log and frame houses, wagon yards, livery stables, and saloons were present along Pecan Street, as were pigs and cows from time to time.
1879 Photograph of 6th Street in 1879
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Looking east from Colorado. The arrival of the railroad to Austin in 1871 brought a commercial boom that gave rise to a number of limestone Victorian buildings as well as an "East 6th" cluster of African-American businesses.
c. 1909 Photograph of intersection of 6th Street and Congress circa 1909
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Looking east toward the busy intersection of 6th and Congress, just prior to the 1910 construction of the Littlefield Building (note the women carrying parasols for protection against the afternoon sun).
1970s Photograph of 6th Street in the 1970s
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An elevated westward view from the IH-35 overpass, shortly after 6th Street was changed to a one-way thoroughfare, and just before revitalization efforts were launched in the mid-70s.
1998 Photograph of 6th Street in 1998
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Looking west from the IH-35 overpass.
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