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East Avenue (IH-35)
1933 Photograph of East Avenue in 1933
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Looking north from 10th Street along a rough and hilly section of East Avenue, just prior to paving.
1933 Photograph of East Avenue in 1933
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Lovely elevated view of a newly paved East Avenue looking south from the stone lookout platform at 12th Street with Bickler Academy (building with cupola) to the right at 11th Street.
c. 1950 Photograph of construction of highway overpass
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The construction of an overpass at 19th Street combined with widening projects in 1951 helped to convert East Avenue into a "through highway, planned to span from Alaska to Argentina and part of the national interstate highway system."
c. 1957 Photograph of IH-35 with overpass construction in progress
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Highway construction continued and by the end of the decade East Avenue had become IH-35.
1998 Photograph of IH-35
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An elevated view of IH-35 from the 11th Street overpass.
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