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Guadalupe Street
1927 Photograph showing a streetcar and automobiles along Guadalupe Street
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Looking southwest towards "The Drag," which is Austin's affectionate slang term for the 10 blocks of Guadalupe Street facing the University between 19th and 29th Streets.
1933 Photograph showing Guadalupe Street at 37th Street in 1933
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Looking south at 37th Street with Lyons Red & White Grocery to the left.
1940 Photograph of intersection of Guadalupe and 29th Street
[PICA 17962] enlarge image

Looking south at 29th Street prior to streetcar track removal (the University Tower appears to be on the wrong side of the street due to a curve at 27th).
1950s Photograph of intersection of 24th Street and Guadalupe
[PICA 26827] enlarge image

Looking south at 24th with the old Varsity Theater to the right.
1998 Photograph of intersection of 26th Street and Guadalupe
[PICA 31611] enlarge image

Looking south along the drag at 26th with Urban Outfitters and Tower Records (in the old Varsity Theater building) up ahead to the right, The University of Texas to the left (not visible), and Dobie Mall down the road a bit just left of center.
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