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Charles Whitman Images and Documents

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The following images are a sample of the documents available at the Austin History Center.

Photo of Charles Whitman Photo of Charles Whitman from the 1963 Cactus,
the student yearbook of the University of Texas.
[A 378.005 Ca]
Front cover of Whitman's diary Charles Whitman's diary, February - March 1964.
[AR 2000.002]
Whitman's library card Charles Whitman's Austin Public Library card.
[AR 2000.002]
Photo of Officer Houston McCoy Officer Houston McCoy. Grand Jury is convened, August 5, 1966.
[AF--Murders--Mass (M8960)]
Photo of Officer Ramiro Martinez Ramiro Martinez, APD officer.
August 9, 1966.
[AF--Murders--Mass (M8960)]
Photo of Charles Adolphus Whitman Charles Adolphus Whitman, August 8, 1966, exiting the Penthouse Apartments at 1212 Guadalupe.
[AF Murders--Mass (M8960)]
Photo of home and moving van Furniture moving from Whitman's home,
August 9, 1966.
[AF--Murders--Mass (M8960)]
APD report Austin police department report regarding weapons purchased by Whitman at Davis Hardware, Austin, Texas.
[AR.2000.002] enlarge image
Sniper in the Tower book cover A Sniper in the Tower:
The Charles Whitman Murders

by Gary M. Lavergne, 1997.
[A364.1509 764La]